I found this amazing old cabin in the wood

cabin with window
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What stories does it has to tell?

Today I went out to photograph the nature covered in powdered sugar. There is something calming when nature is covered sparsely with snow. But I ended up photographing this beautiful old cabin instead, with it’s amazing dark weather-driven logs. I absolutely love old wood, it’s the signs of a long life that attracts me. It has a story to tell and I’m ready to listen.

The old cabin

“The cabin will return to the soil when abandoned by its owner, yet in its simplicity it offers perfect protection against the seasonal cold without disfiguring the sheltering forest. With the yurt and the igloo, it figures among the handsomest human responses to environmental adversity.”

― Sylvain Tesson

Photographing during winter in Sweden

In the Nordic countries, even during the daytime, it is “too dark” to photograph handheld. But I did it! These are shot with Nikon D750 and my sigma art 85 mm. Settings where 1/125 sec, f/5 and ISO 1250.

old cabin by the water
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