Path: Complete Beginner

Disclaimer: Do not attempt this on systems that you are not authorized to do so.

Room: Linux Fundamentals Part 1

Task 4: Running Your First Few Commands

I actually had to check the hint on this, as I didn’t know I could do it without the quotation marks on question one. The answer to the second question is written in plain sight, as seen in the image below.

Task 5: Interacting With The Filesystem


I have a tendency to think more complex than necessary, my first thought was – “WHAT? How do I find ALL the folders on the whole machine, it will take forever…”

Obviously, it was a lot easier than that 😉


I wasn’t sure if this was a trick question, so first I checked where I was, and then I checked the content of each folder


Since I ran the command pwd in the previous question, I already had all the information needed to run cat without moving


The answer here is the solution I used in the previous question

But let’s use the cd command as well

Task 6: Searching for Files

Before I ran the grep command, I made sure there was a file named access.log

Task 7: An Introduction to Shell Operators

By using the command echo I can write the content I want in a file, and with the output redirector > I can create the file with the filename of my wishes, “passwords”.

Following the questions, I added “tryhackme” to the file by using echo and the output redirector >>, which adds content at the end of the file instead of overwriting the content.

To see the content I used the cat command.

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The beginner path aims to give a broad introduction to the different areas of Computer Security.

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